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Can you think of a name for my new thing?

December 24, 2011
My New Year’s resolution is to set up a small hub for pursuing and promoting various skeptical activities. In fact, planning is going well and I hope to announce something in late January. However, I still don’t have a name for this entity, so I need your help to find one.

I don’t want to constrain your creativity, but here are some thoughts that might be helpful…

1. This is undoubtedly a skeptical ‘thing’ that is being created, but the word skeptic has pros and cons.

2. The ‘thing’ will act as an umbrella for various projects, so it needs a name that is not too specific.

3. The ‘thing’ will probably have a charitable status, so it could have “Foundation” stuck at the front or end or nowhere.

4. The ‘thing’ will probably interact with grown-ups, so a name that carries some credibility would be preferable.

5. On the other hand, quirkiness is also a good thing.

In short, all suggestions would be welcome.

Please email me your suggestion via

Whoever comes up with the winning name will get something nice.


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  1. Stan permalink

    How about naming it after a famous, relevant and inspiring person.Socrates comes to mind. There is a Socrates Foundation but some other twist on that would work.Galilieo is another option.

  2. NKT permalink

    Something along the lines of "The Rationalists" perhaps?

  3. cherryblack permalink

    Rational Front?British Rational Party?Sorry, couldn’t resist. I quite like Stan’s idea though.

  4. spewish permalink

    The Skeptic Tank

  5. Chris Severn permalink

    How about "A strong foundation" or "A rational foundation".

  6. garynaylor999 permalink

    Whack the Quacks?Non-meek Geeks?Wikigeeks?The Alternative to Alternative Medicine?The appliance of science? (I know, I know)Doctors’ orders?The Heretics’ Feast?Standing on the Shoulders?

  7. Anonymous permalink

    fprint – Foundation for the Promotion of Rational INquiry and Thought

  8. Anonymous permalink

    "The Campaign for Real Science"

  9. endless_psych permalink

    The Enlightenment Foundation: Logic Over Nonsense(dunno if that one will stick mind)You could have the twenty-first floor foundation if we hadn’t already got it ;)Simon Says seems most obvious though you might want to avoid that understandably.HI do think that referencing the values of the Emlightenment is important. How about the David Hume Foundation?I do hope that if this is going to step on anyone’s toes they have been approached about it… We have lots of plans currently in action or that we are working behind the scenes to realise (would be a but of a bugger if someone came along and replicated them after all that)

  10. Cartoonsbyjosh permalink

    I love ‘The Campaign for Real Science’ -sign me up right away!

  11. David Gerard permalink

    "Sceptic" rather than "skeptic". It’s British, dash it all!British Enlightenment Foundation.

  12. Count_Stuff permalink

    The Solid Proof Foundation or just Solid Proof

  13. pjholloway permalink

    The Science-Based Thinking Foundation

  14. Michael permalink

    How about "The Singh Thyng [Foundation]", "Thyng" connects with the old Norse meaning of "thing": "assembly"see, "The Sokrates Thyng [Foundation]" (even if it peeves off people with a thing about spellings with Ks)

  15. Fortinbras17 permalink

    I thought the acronym FACTS:Foundation for achieving certainty with testable ScienceFoundation Augmenting Certitude with Testable Science ORFoundation Analysing Scientific Anomalies – FASA

  16. Stan permalink

    I don’t think being FASAists would work.

  17. John Read permalink

    "Informed About Real Things" iART

  18. Stan permalink

    Another oneSkeptics GymFits with the active theme, due homage to the old Greeks and folks can go and visit the gym for their intellectual workout.It could also be Simon’s Skeptics Gym or just Singh’s Gym or Socrates’ Modern Gym.Stan

  19. Ron Murphy permalink

    Foundation for Uncompromisingly Critical Know-alls

  20. Howard Haigh permalink

    How about resurrecting TV character Victor Meldrew’s most famous saying…"I Don’t Believe It!"

  21. The Doubter permalink

    Just a few ideas. :)The Society of the Informed.The Reason FactoryThe Fact ShopTruth Bucket instituteThe Doubt InstituteBad data!Integers of Truth Society Stumped! Enlighten FoundationConsider this!Dubious Incorporated

  22. davidtreanor permalink

    Singh for Science or Singh for Reason 😉

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