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Psychic Sally v Daily Mail libel trial set for 2013

October 31, 2012

It is Halloween, so time for a quick Psychic Sally update.

Back in January, Psychic Sally sued the Daily Mail for libel, after questions were raised about how she gives the impression of being a medium.

The case is still moving ahead, and we can look forward to a trial in 2013. In the meantime, I have collected some of the relevant legal documents from the High Court.

The opening of Sally’s claim and the opening of the Daily Mail’s defence have been scanned and are at the bottom of this page.

 I do not think there is any legal reason not to put the full version of both documents online. I will try to scan them and upload them in the next few days.

UPDATE 8 Nov 2012: The complete legal documents have been uploaded to Pinterest in two parts (Part 1 & Part 2) and to Scribd. The documents include Claim Form, Particulars of Claim, Order, Amended Defence and Reply to Amended Defence. David Allen Green will be posting an analysis soon.






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  1. Nikki Williams permalink

    Wonderful start. I wonder if Sally can foresee she might get stung with costs for taking out what seems to me is a rather vexatious claim. Of course, if Sally can PROVE she is a psychic then there is not an issue. All she needs to do is submit to being tested to prove she is a psychic under controlled conditions. I am sure Prof French or Prof Wiseman will gladly assist her in establishing her credentials so she can then go on to prove the Mail maligned her.Snag is, Sally doesn’t seem willing to independently prove she IS a psychic. Just because she says it is so, does not mean it is so, otherwise Dr Kildare and Dr Finlay would be my family doctor. Of course, she CAN prove she is very professional entertainer but she is no more a psychic than that other retiring professional entertainer, Mr Frankie Boyle is a racist.

  2. jacques oeuf permalink

    Sadly, Nikki (and as I???m sure you know), as the law stands, Sally does not have to prove she is a psychic. The libel law assumes there is a libel until it is disproven or justified. The defendant must prove she is not a psychic, or that its comments were fair or otherwise justified. I think the amended defence shown above demonstrates how the defendant might do this, in spades.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Does the Mail have to prove that she’s not psychic, or that she was specifically using an earpiece (which, as I understand it, is only conjecture, as there are other possible explanations)?

  4. phone psychic permalink

    The war is between the newspaper and a psychic, Rest of the things will depend upon the fight in the court, and we have to wait for the final result.

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